Monday, 21 August 2017

Animals that eat plants and other animals that eat other animals...

Fact 1:Animals that eat other animals are called carnivorous. 

Fact 2: In the world there are all ways more plants then the animals there selves.

Fact 3:  Did you know a raccoon eats plants and other animals when they really really starve.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

My favourite memory

My favorite memory was when my mum took me to rainbows-end  and when I was 8 years old she gave me $150 dollars because I was always going to school and I was doing what she told me to do like when she told me to clean the hole house i would do it because I was a nice boy.

And also when I went to the OTAHUHU  pools and that was my first time there ever it was probably when I was 9 or 8 the best thing i like about the pools is they have a bombing area and a little slide that goes into the pool oh.And when you go in they give you a band and when.

You get in you will have this colour of band there I think there are green red pink purple.  orange and last one is white and they have a outside area for the babies and a
Park my favourite thing to play on is the swings and the two Champollion it's like in the ground.And this big green hole that goes down like a hill going into the ground it's like a volcano but upside down it's go heaps of balls that are hidden and you have to try find them all and whoever wins they get win $10 dollars that they have to give to you when they get payed.And last but not least when my mum bought me puppy when i was 5 years old they were called checko and izey and ratbag that was there names.My favourite ride at the rainbows-end the funnest side that I like is the rollercoaster