Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Preparing for the Pola

Today in my wonderful class room 10 our great group Goosebumps read the book "Preparing for the Pola" it was all about this girls sisters 21st birthday. There were some Tongan words that I didn't know. The whole family sang a happy birthday song to the little girls sister that turned 21 and they had a big as feed there was some hangi with meat, some fruit and then they saved the cake for last. My favourite food that was there was the hangi and the faikakai.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Maui and the Angry Sun


Once upon a time there was a very young man and we called him, Maui. He was tough and brave and one day he got so mad because he had problems with the sun. The sun would not slow down across the sky. He told the whole village I will travel to the east and I will fight him. So he traveled through the snow and saw a dragon and that day the dragon said "At last my old friend we meet again" 

"Your the one that killed my father" Maui said. I will kill you this time."

So they made a deal "If you win you get to kill me and if I win I get to kill you" ....

To be continued...

Monday, 18 September 2017

A hot air balloon

1.Why did he want to really really go up into a hot air balloon?

2.What does he mean by the others swooshed up into the air?

3.why did they want a race to breakfast?

These are some questions I thought of to ask someone in my group about the story.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Summing up Dad

This morning in my classroom my group and I read "Summing up Dad", he is a french funny dad who thinks he's the man at being a pirate. This is mostly about maths like using milliliters and measuring things from biggest to smallest. The girl measures the whole hall in there house and the dad acts like a pirate and a magic man. All the boy and the girls do is measure the whole hall.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Some of my favourite memories...

The first time my mum and sister bought me a puppy I think I was about 5 years old. There was a girl and a boy and the girls name was Izzy and the boys name was Checo. My mum bought it for me because it was my birthday. We only had the puppies for 2 years 
then my mum gave them away because she said they kept pooping in the house. She gave them to our neighbour and our neighbours gave us a baby kitten. She had a lot of baby kittens so we asked for 3 of them. She had 6 kittens left after that. The kittens cost $22 dollars but to be honest they were better than the two dogs, sorry dogs. 

I loved touching the kittens fur and it's nice brown tail I said I wasn't so good with looking after them. When my mum went to the city and I wasn't good at hiding it as well I held the kittens and almost dropped them out of my slippery fingers.The only thing I liked about the kitties is that they were so cute and sometimes they were funny. Whenever they were next to my baby brother or even on him my baby brother started to cry like a little baby that just got boned. 
One more favourite memory is when my big sister bought me a helicopter toy. She's 23 years old now it was probable 6 years ago. It was blue with green and yellow stripes on it that was the first time I ever had a helicopter but all of my other family had millions of helicopters. They were little I think they were about 3 or 4 years old. I would say my mum would never buy me one because she thought I would break it just because when she bought me toys before I just broke them straight away. I'm just naughty or I'm just not good at using stuff. Lets just say I was playing with your toy I would either break it or lose the toy. I'll give you an example if I saw a little truck toy I would break it. 
My baby brother loves trucks so much if we go to the $2 shop the or the 1 stop shop my baby brother sees any toy truck then he would ask my mum if she could buy the truck toy for him. My baby brothers name is Beaumont. 
My last favourite memory is when it was my baby brothers birth-day it was cool because we went to jump and skate land. To be honest it was my favourite because it was my first time eating banofee pie and my first time going to skate-land.The first time I started skating I was only use to skating with the 4 wheeled skates it's really easy to use. I said 'Hey mum can I sign up for the skating club?" she said "Sure, how much is it to sign up" I whispered in her ear "$10", "A little bit too much don't you think" she said. All right why not". My mum signed me up for the skating club and I smiled.